Monday, June 23, 2008

Tongue 6/23/08

When my grands had their dairy farm, every so often (when I got to be an adult living on my own) my gram would send me some cows' tongues and calves' brains.

She said it was "for the cats" but I ate it too.

With the tongues, I would split open the thick outer covering and then boil them until the cats were all gathered round the stove going nuts. Then I would eat one plain or add it to any recipe, notably at that time was I ate lots of pasta and sauce.

I don't remember how I fixed the calves' brains except that they usually wound up being served on toast points.

Both things were very good.
My grands had a dairy farm, not a beef farm. But the meat was meat and I was hungry. Gram always told us which cow we were eating. That never really bothered me as much as it bothered other people in the family.

sapphoq on life

Friday, June 13, 2008

Raisin-Carrot Salad

One time my gram and I went to a department store and then sat in the restaurant in the back for lunch. She had some sandwich meat left over which she had the waitress wrap up, explaining that it was for her little dog. The waitress had wrapped up the raisin-carrot salad which came on the side instead of the bit of sandwich and meat.

"I wouldn't eat this myself," said my grandmother in disgust to the waitress, "never mind feed it to my dog!"

sapphoq on life