Monday, August 27, 2012

Tired and Demented

Anything with the brain can tire one out.  This has certainly been my experience with my traumatic brain injury.  And it has also been Dad's experience with his Lewey Body Dementia.  He falls asleep easily in his chair when watching television.  I don't mind so much.  When he does, I sit quietly.  When he wakes up, we continue talking about politics or cars or relatives.

I love my Dad and it is sad for me to watch the spiraling nature of his cognitive and physical decline.  I remember to love him in the ways that he wants to be loved.  I cherish every moment that we have together.  And I hope for him what I hope for all of us, that he will die in his sleep one night or peacefully napping in his chair.

sapphoq on life

(The pic is of my cat on a bedspread yawning with a caption that says, "I needz mai naptiem.  Go 'way."  I took the pic, I reserve all rights to the pic, and I own the cat too.  So copyright police, you can go away now).