Saturday, October 17, 2015

Two Dogs

My faithful thirteen year old golden retriever/ husky/ border collie mix who was diagnosed in April with terminal liver failure is still very much alive and enjoying life immensely at this time. She is thriving on a prescription diet of canned venison and potatoes along with commercially available cans of lamb with gravy and pacific seafood. It turns out that my Blondie adores fish. This is something that I never knew about her until late this summer when she began refusing all things made with chicken, including boiled chicken that I was making for her myself in our kitchen.

As her illness progressed, Blondie also began refusing carrots, potatoes, cottage cheese, yogurt, and rice. We found that she would accept the canned deer food but not the wet chicken or duck from the same company. As her system calmed down with a med adjustment, she accepted low fat dog biscuits, plain bran cereal, and a rare lick of soft vanilla ice cream.

Blondie is now in hospice stages but doing well. She is sleeping more but still active. She loves her daily hikes in the woods and swimming in the local ponds and creeks. She will give chase to chipmunks and squirrels, play with local dogs, tangle with backyard skunks, and bounce along with richochet rabbit. [She and her best friend did both in one week in August].

Blondie's best doggie buddy-- an eight year old Australian Cattle Dog Hound Dog mix-- has recently come to live with us of her own volition. Both dogs have settled in happily together. Blondie and Hermione together make a fantastic duo in the woods. Together they have spent a happy summer and fall exploring the tantalizing smells in the nearby woods and swamps. They also participate in obedience together, car rides, trips to the pet shop, and visiting friends and family.

I regret that there are no photos today. My computer is not co-operating with the uploading of such. Perhaps next post.

sapphoq on life says: If you are not able to commit to walking a dog, spending time with a dog, and training a dog then please do not get a dog. Dog ownership is not for everyone. There is no shame in admitting that it may not be for you. Thanks!