Monday, March 09, 2015

The Dog is Brilliant-- Not So Much

     My dog is almost thirteen years old. She gets daily exercise, discipline, and affection. [Love ya', Cesar Millan!]. She is an excellent canine citizen. She does not bark excessively or run loose in the neighborhood. I pick up after her. [I don't leave stinky presents on other peoples' properties]. She is obedience trained. 

If for some reason, you want to save this picture to your computer or to reupload it to social media, you are free to do so although I don't know why you would want to.
If you are a copyright troll, you are not welcome here. I took the photo with my cell phone and altered it with my legally obtained copy of digital software. So go away.
     Her age has been catching up with her. She does have some age-related changes in motility and vision. So far she is holding her own.

     She got sick and has been to the vet twice in three days. As it turns out, Blondie has two bacterial infections. One of them is caused by the ingestion of rabbit feces. I figure she must have thought of them as doggie snacks that appeared magically just for her to eat.

     We've had "the talk" about what to eat and what not to eat. I suspect that she tuned me out.

     She wisely stopped eating [on her own] for a day. Today she is taking in small amounts of boiled chicken and rice. She has antibiotics and also an under the skin "camel pack" to prevent any further dehydration.

     Tomorrow, I get to inspect our back yard for those pesky rabbit pellets. The other possibility is that she has been sneaking them when we go walking in the woods.

sapphoq on life says: Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and investment of time and money. Constant watchfulness helps in keeping them safe from things like eating rabbit poop. 
     The vet said, "Most dogs like [boiled] hamburger better than [boiled] chicken." I didn't really know which Blondie prefers. She doesn't get people food. Well, now she will until she is cleared up.
     An acquaintance has suggested killing the [wild] rabbits and feeding them to the dog. I'd rather eat them myself. Rabbit is good eating!

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